Cataracts Drop Right Away


Measurable effects have been seen using the drops after only a month of use, and there have been no side effects. (Some of the patients I've spoken with, however, did occasionally notice a temporary "blurring" in their vision for an hour or two following their use. This effect appears to be from the "melting" or breaking-up of the cataract.)

Dr. Babizhayev's reports suggest that the reversal of the cataract starts at the periphery and works its way inward. During the process, which seems to take about six months, vision becomes clearer. He has shown that over a six-month period of treatment, over 41 percent of eyes treated with NAC eye drops exhibited improvement in transmission of light through the lens, 88.9 percent showed significant improvement in glare sensitivity, and 90 percent had a significant improvement in visual acuity. In no instance did eyes treated with drops worsen in any way. His trials have extended for periods of up to two years with only continuingly positive effects being see.

Dr. Babizhayev recommends applying one to two drops of NAC solution in each eye twice daily. The maximum effect on visual acuity generally occurs within the first three to five months of therapy. Those who had their cataracts for less than seven years experienced the quickest results. Individuals with cataracts for seven to 15 years obtained good results. while those with cataracts for more than 15 years still showed improvements, they had the least response.

See Your Way to the Drops

I've been following this research for years, but it's only recently that the therapeutic drops have become commercially available thanks to the internat. Due to FDA considerations, however, no one marketing these products in the US will advertise their products are being a treatment for cataracts. Instead, they will be for "eye health" et cetera.

I've spoken to numerous individuals and the two different formulations seem to work equally as well. The standard package will last 35 days if you use two drops per eye per day, or 75 days if you use only 1 drop per eye. It's definitely a bargain in anyone's book when you compare the other options for getting rid of cataracts - such as surgery.

The enormous benefits of NAC eye drops should be the topic of every nightly newscast and front-page headlines on every newspaper - but you and I both know that just won't happen. Cataract surgery and treatment has become too big of a business. With the oldest of the baby boomers just now beginning to reach the age where cataracts starts to form, the condition will become a surgical "cash cow".

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world can afford surgery. Around the world, cataracts account for over 40 percent of all cases of blindness, affecting over 17 million people.


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